Make the experience of finding an offer personalized, convenient and transparent.


Incorporate the ability to communicate pricing and promotions within the Celebrity Cruises website.


Adding offers and promotions impacted two areas of the website. For the search and browse pages we wanted to communicate all offers available to users, while on the cruise detail page our objective was to allow users to take those offers and put them into action by combining them to create a value tailored to them. 

We used competitive analysis as well as user research to drive our recommendations. Our proposal was presented in the form of sketches laid on top of a screen capture of the site to keep things informal.

The Deck

My Role

UX Lead

My Responsibilities Included

  • Doing competitive analysis
  • Working with external tech team to understand the limitations and API capabilities of the implemented booking system
  • Understanding user motivations based on research
  • Presenting two solutions for how to approach pricing and promotions given technical limitations