A natural, fluid brand and shopping experience that inspires exploration and delineates all Calvin Klein brands.


Create a consolidated, brand-led, interactive eCommerce experience that defines the identity of Calvin Klein online.


We decided that the online site experience should mimic the inspirational experience of a Calvin Klein store. 

To bring this to life we created a fluid site architecture based on the way a person would navigate a store in real life. 

Calvin Klein elected to launch the brand portion of the site in 2012 as its own experience. The unified site, which builds upon the brand experience and includes the shop portion of the site will launch in 2013.



Calvin Klein had 7 different sub-brands representing different styles and price points. Consumers couldn't identify the differences between brands. 



Being a brand that sells everything from special occasion dresses to brass votive holders made it hard for those shopping on the site to feel like they were having an intuitive, fluid, cohesive experience while being inspired.


Excerpts from various wireframe decks

My Role

UX Lead

My Responsibilities Included

  • Working with the creative team to incorporate creative site concept into content strategy
  • Collaborate with technology team to assist in fleshing out the structure of the CMS to display the content planed for the site
  • Communicating interaction to internal team and client
  • Creating and documenting wireframes
  • Reviewing visual designs
  • Work with technologists to find solutions to technical limitations
  • Conducting usability testing