Encourage good dental hygiene among IBM employees to prevent problems in the long term. 



Create a dental hygiene app for MetLife to service IBM employees as a pilot program.


Our team took a human-centric approach to building this app, looking at countless amounts of data and doing research to determine what would be a simple and meaningful way to help IBM employees have better hygiene.

Emotional Journeys

Based on research conducted by myself and the strategy team I created 4 emotional journeys for various aspects of the customer experience to describe how we could improve it.

Mapping the Existing Application

To better understand the previous customer experience we mapped the application. This was helpful to both the internal team and clients in understanding what our starting point was.


I created wireframes for the basic version 1 app which allowed customers to track their brushing habits.

My Role

UX Design Lead


My Responsibilities Included

  • Working within an agile environment to develop the user experience on time
  • Collaborating with team to pitch project
  • Providing strategic thinking relating to app design, product roadmap, and consumer journey
  • Develop emotional journey,  high-fidelity concept wires and analysis of current app for pitch 
  • Creating and documenting wireframes, content strategy, and interactive design components
  • Establishing moodboards to guide design team
  • Directing visual design to bring creative team's vision to life